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[VIDEOS] Repurpose Your Plastic Spoons Into A Light Fixture In 8 Simple Steps!


Light Up Your Life With This DIY Project That Repurposes Your Plastic Spoons Into A Household Item!

I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinet the other day when I found bags and bags of plastic utensils I kept that were left over from many a party over the years. Unfortunately, there were more spoons than knives and forks making it difficult to make full sets out of them. Rather then throw out the extra spoons, I looked for projects that I could make with them. I found one that I really liked which was this plastic spoon light fixture. It doesn’t take very many tools or materials, and it looks like it would be hard to mess up! Check it out.

SPOONS2original images credit: Kai Sinervo

Below is a time lapsed video of how this lamp was made just to give you an idea of the concept. However, for more detailed instructions and list of materials on how to complete this project, please view the images and video of another cool-looking lamp on the Next Page by clicking the link below this video. The project on the next page is definitely something you won’t want to miss.

Thanks Míša Nemuchovská for sharing this fun version of making a spoon lamp. Click the link below to view another version of this clever concept!



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