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[VIDEOS] Learn How To Preserve Your Flowers And Retain Your Memories Forever!


Turn Flowers Into Keepsakes With Two Simple Methods

Have you ever received a bouquet of flowers so beautiful that you wanted them to last forever. Of course, we all know they won’t, but there are ways to preserve them so that you have a keepsake and can remember that special occasion upon which you received them. Maybe the flowers are from someone who just wanted to say, “I love you!”

WaxFlowers20image credit: Lori Branham

Perhaps they are from a wedding, and we all know how expensive that can be. Why not save the flowers forever? In a more sad but poignant case, your flowers may have been received upon the death of a loved one, but you still want them in remembrance of the memorial of that person (as was the case in one of the videos on Page 4).

WaxFlowers21image credit: Lani & Jeff Hudelson

We have found at least 2 different ways in which you can preserve your flowers, one by waxing, the other dry.



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