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[Videos] How To Make String Easter Eggs With Chocolate Trapped Inside In A Few Easy Steps


String It Around For Your Easter Hop Along!

You know all the kids will be gearing up for their Easter Egg Hunts this year so why not make it a little more fun with these simple String Eggs with candy (perhaps money) inside? First of all, they will look really pretty in their Easter baskets, and it will keep them busy trying to get to the good stuff. If nothing else, the String Eggs make an excellent accent decoration for the Easter holiday and/or Spring season.

StringEggs1image credit: instructables

Materials Needed:

Large Balloons
Small Balloons
Colored String or Embroidery Thread
Liquid Starch
Scrap Yarn (about 12″ per egg)
A couple plastic containers and/or tarp or drop cloth for liquid drainage


You can make either large eggs or small eggs or both to decorate your home or to place in Easter baskets! You can also use a lot of string or less string depending on how much you want to be able to see through the egg. See samples of the different eggs below.


To view a Video Tutorial of how to make the String Eggs, click page 2 below.


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