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[VIDEO TUTORIAL] Box Up Those Flowers This Summer & Show Them Off


Add Beauty To Your Exterior – Build A Flower Window Planter This Weekend!

Nothing says beauty more than an array of flowers in a window box. The window box featured here is really pretty as well as classy. It can be made in a weekend for very little cost. What’s nice about a window box is that it adds to the aesthetics of the exterior of your household, but you can also see your blossoming favorites from the inside giving you the best of both worlds.


Before you begin, be sure to read through all the instructions and watch videos first so you know what to do when and how!

Circular saw or miter saw
Drill with driver bits and #8 countersink

1 1/4 deck screws
1 5/8 deck screws
Titebond III waterproof adhesive, #627

Lumber – See Cutting Diagram for lumber list and measurements

Putting Box Together – See Window Box Project Diagram.

Step 1 – Lay Out Length of Pieces and Cut Parts to Length:

Lay out the length of the front/back (A), pickets (B), bottom supports (C), ends (D), and bottom (E) on the cedar boards (Project Diagram & Cutting List). Cut the parts to length and sand the smooth faces with 120-grit sandpaper; leave the rough surface of the cedar as is.

Here’s a sneak peek on how to prepare your pickets. Be sure to see Page 2 for further instructions.

Attach the pickets to the front piece:


Make an arch in the pickets:


Watch the video below to learn how to make the window box pickets and for a cool tip on now to make an arch in the pickets! Be sure to read through all the instructions first though so that you know when to create the arch.

Video – Make Window Box Pickets:



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