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[VIDEO] Spring Into Easter With These Easy DIY Paper Napkin Baskets!


Spring, Easter, Pastels – We’ve Got You Covered

I don’t know if any of you remember as a kid we used to fold paper into a contraption we’d place on our thumbs and forefingers. Then we would squeeze the thing open and shut a few times, select one of “doors” inside and open it up to read something we thought was cute or funny. Well, with a little of that innovation and a few extra steps, you can now makes these adorable baskets to fill with candy. All you need are some colorful paper napkins and a glass (and then candy). This is a great one for the kids, or as favors for a party, or even cute centerpieces to place on each of your dining plates at Easter. It would make for a very festive display! Try it out – it’s SO EASY!!




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