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[VIDEO] Repurpose Candlesticks Into Something Just As Useful!


Design A Space For Your Tangled Jewelry!

Can anyone tell me what they do with their necklaces? Where do you store them? Where do you hang them all? How do you grab one without creating a tangled mess? What about your bracelets and headbands? Do they get tangled together, too?

JewelryTree21image credit: Sparkling Dragon Designs

I see jewelry trees in retail stores all the time, but they never seem to fit my needs. What I really like about this project is that it can be customized for, not only your necklaces, but bracelets and headbands, too. Wait until you see how pretty these trees come out!

Let’s begin with the basics and then graduate to the specifics on the second page in a video tutorial!

Step 1:  Start with candlesticks – size can matter!


Step 2:  Measure height of tallest candlestick . . . oh no, too short!


Step 3:  Now it’s perfect!


Step 4:  Measure and mark the middle of the dowel.


Step 5:  Grab your wine cork!


Step 6:  Glue the dowel on the wine cork in the middle and insert into candlestick.


Step 7:  Spray paint the candlesticks and dowel.


Step 8:  Decorate (optional).


Step 9:  Display and hang!


See Final Product & Video Tutorial on Page 2!


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