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[Video] Easy DIY Project For Those Who Appreciate Various Shades & Colors – It’s a Cosmetics Thing!

OH NO - 600 SIZE

 Step 6: Add Crayon to Oil

CrayonLipstick17Add 1″ Crayon to Oil in Glass Jar

 Step 7: Stir With Stick

CrayonLipstick18Stir the Crayon in the Oil Until Fully Melted

 Step 8: Test Color

CrayonLipstick19Test Color on Back of Hand
Add More Crayon If Not Enough Color

 Step 9: Remove Glass From Pan

CrayonLipstick27Remove Hot Glass From Pan With Tongs

 Step 10: Pour Into Color Pallette

CrayonLipstick29Pour New Color Into Empty Container or Color Pallette

 Step 11: Apply

CrayonLipstick30Apply Color To Your Lips – It’s Safe!

 Step 12: Clean Up

Last but not least, don’t pour any leftover “lipstick” down the drain. Clean the jar with a paper towel, and the liquid comes right out.

Be sure to watch the video tutorial below for more extensive instructions!

Video Tutorial:

This video was shared by Madison, an 18-year old from Virginia who has “always been super crafty” and loves DIY projects!




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