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[VIDEO] DIY Pallet Table – Repurpose That Pallet Hanging Out By The Dumpster!

[VIDEO] DIY Pallet Table – Repurpose That Pallet Hanging Out By The Dumpster!

Make Use Of That Old Pallet By Turning It Into A Coffee Table!

I recently found some old wood pallets stacked inside our warehouse as I was doing some reorganizing. The wood seemed so good that I hated to throw it away so I decided to do some research. I was amazed to find the many different ways in which these pallets could be used for repurposing, one of which is the cool idea of making it into a rolling coffee table.

PALLETTABLE9image credit: Olga Berman

I LOVE free things. When I was walking by World Market on my way home a few months ago, I saw a bunch of pallets sitting by the recycling/garbage area.

I decided to check them out and really liked one of the pallets. I took it but knew I would not be able to carry it home. So I waited 20 minutes for the cab. It cost me $5.

I decided to make a coffee table from mine.

This beautiful project and the above story was brought to us by Olga Berman of Mango & Tomato. Olga is a “foodie” in the Washington, D.C. area who teaches knife skills and has a fabulous food blog with a few DIY projects in the mix.  To find out how Olga turned this old pallet into a beautiful coffee table, please visit her DIY Project Page complete with more inspirational images and instructions.

To see a video tutorial on another, but painted, variation of this coffee table, click the link below.



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