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[VIDEO] Buy 1 Aleady Have 3 – An End To Can Disorganization


Organize Your Cans So You Know What You Already Have

We’ve all seen it, done it, wish we didn’t have to see it or do it ever again. Raise your hand if you are a victim of looking in your pantry, not finding that canned food item you need, going to the grocery store, buying 1 (or 3 to stock up a few for reserves), only to return home to find out you already had 3 in the cupboard? Aggravating? Yes. Time to Get Organized? Heck yes!

CANDISPENSERoriginal image credits: enjoylifeandlove & diycozyhome

Solution: DIY Can Rotating System!

You’re probably already a fan of the rotating soda can systems you’ve placed in your fridge, but what about all those staple canned soups and vegetables you keep on hand in your pantry for weekly dinners and fast casserole meals? First of all, where do you store them all so that #1) you can see them and #2) you can easily get at them, and how can you organize them so you know when you are running out? The simple solution is in the video below:

But sometimes we don’t need quite this many cans or this well-finished. Instead, we prefer something more appropriately stored out in the garage. Check out the next page for another video of an alternative rotating can dispenser. Steve Spencer makes learning fun . . . or is it just plain funny (but excellent)? See for yourself. This is definitely a video you don’t want to miss!


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