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Tree or Coffin – Which Would You Choose?


Instead Of Visiting Your Deceased Loved Ones In A Cemetery, Why Not Enjoy The Shade of Their Trees?

I know. It sounds crazy, but what if you could plant your deceased loved one in a fetal position in an organic biodegradable capsule (instead of a coffin) that eventually becomes a tree? You see, the idea is that the remains of the deceased body will turn into nutrients to fuel the growth of the tree. It’s merely a concept since the law forbids such burials, but it’s interesting to think about as we head into Spring and begin the planting process. Oddly enough, this is being developed in Italy as we speak.

oak-tree-292114_640image credit: pixabay

I’m still a bit perplexed by this one, but as I sit in the shade of a tree this Summer sipping my lemonade, I’ll definitely reflect on how I’d feel if the branches above me were somehow the arms of a deceased loved one coming back to embrace me or while walking in the woods I could potentially be surrounded by hundreds of souls reaching out to provide shade. Check it out below and see what you think.

burialpod2image credit: boredpanda

The idea of coming full circle and returning whence we came from is one that appeals to many of us, regardless of our faith (or lack thereof), and this is an idea captured perfectly by this beautiful new burial method developed in Italy.

burialpod4image credit: boredpanda

After being encapsulated in the fetal position, the deceased is buried and either a tree or tree seed is planted above their capsule. The project’s site already has a number of trees to choose from.

burialpod3image credit: boredpanda

Any thoughts yet on which tree you would pick? We’d really love to hear your comments on this one. I’m still not sure I’ve fully wrapped my brain around it. How about you?



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