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The Repurposed Teeshirt – Recycling Your Wardrobe


I was cleaning out my closet this morning and came across stacks of T-shirts I no longer wear. I hated to throw them away, after all some held magnificent memories of trips, adventures, events, community fund raisers, etc. I found an excellent way to repurpose them thanks to Crafts by Amanda providing a great tutorial on how to make bracelets out of my over-abundance of T-shirts!

Make Bracelets From Recycled T-Shirts

Materials Needed

Bangle bracelets
White craft glue
Hot glue gun

Because the braided material will make the opening of the bangle smaller, it’s important to get bracelets that are big enough to allow room for your wrist to get through the finished bracelet. Cut t-shirt material into strips, braid them together and wrap them around a metal bangle. Secure with hot glue! See full instructions at Crafts by Amanda

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