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The Perfect Solution To A Bad Hair Day – Save Yourself The Haircut!


When All Else Fails, Go Up!

Just when I think I can’t stand the length of my hair anymore and schedule a hair cut, I find another way to style it. Then I don’t want to cut it. Ever have those days where one day you can’t stand your hair anymore and want a hair cut, and then the next day, you love it and don’t want to cut it? When you see this easy up-do shared by Kate, I promise you won’t want to cut your hair because this is the perfect solution to a bad hair day.
I think one of the most important things in creating a beautiful updo is breaking the hair down into smaller sections. For this style, I did just that. This is a great way to achieve a lot of volume at the crown–which is one of the tell tale signs between a professional updo and a “home” updo. If you can get volume at the crown, you’ll make any updo look fancy.
To see how to get this cool up-do, see the video on next page.

For Video – Click Page 2!


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