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Tealights in a Wine Glass – Nothing To Whine About Here!

Xmas Wine Glass

Fabulous Mood Lighting for a Festive Holiday Season!

When I saw this decoration, I couldn’t have been happier! There is nothing I like more than a wine glass in almost any form or fashion, even if it doesn’t have wine in it. There are just so many things you can do with a wine glass that “reflect” the warmth and coziness of any occasion, most particularly Christmas. These glorious glistening treasures can be used as a dining room table centerpiece (especially if space is limited) or as a sparkling addition to any cozy corner of a room. They are also SO SIMPLE to make!

Xmas Wine Glass

For this project you will need:

– tea light inserts (if available in your area)
– tea lights
– fake snow powder
– silver glass baubles
– red glass stars
– 2 large wine glasses


1. Wash and dry each glass. First add a small amount of snow to the bottom of each glass. Then fill each glass with the glass decorations.
2. Add the tealight inserts. Carefully bend the hanging wires to fit snug onto the glasses.
3. Add the tealights into the inserts.

If you cannot find the tea light inserts in your area, you can DIY by soldering metal pieces over the sides of the tea light cups.  Here are two examples:

Special thanks to CraftIdeasInfo for the inspiration.


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