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Spa-Worthy Bathroom Makeovers


Make Your Bathroom Feel Like A Spa

I’m needing a new pick-me-up for my bathrooms. Something spa-worthy would be awesome. So began the proverbial search for some spa-like bathroom ideas to include lotions, soaps, bath oils, candles, baskets, trays and plants. Look at some of the artistic designs that came to life!


Arrange a pretty and functional “counterscape” on the counter. This is a focal point in the room and acts like the centerpiece on a table. Add some clear apothecary jars for cotton balls/swabs and a fragrant candle. How about some tall natural branches for some drama?


Start with a pretty tray, basket or platter. Add a plant or flowers, lotions, soaps, sponge, hand towels, bath salts/oils, candles and anything pretty but usable as well.


It’s nice to add some toiletries and extras that might be forgotten by the guest, such as tissue, shampoo, toothpaste, lotion, hair dryer, etc.


Arrange some nice one-color bath accessories like these white and silver pieces from HomeGoods.

Thanks to Cathy Mortensen of Orange County, California and contributing design writer for Design Happy for providing such awesome eye-catching spa designs for our personal bathroom spaces.


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