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Repurpose Your Baby’s Crib Into Something Else Useful

Porch Swing #3

What do you do with that old baby crib? Your children aren’t infants anymore. They’re all sleeping in their “big kids” beds now, but oh, the memories of laying their little heads down in that place they knew as a safe haven. How do you throw all that away? No need to fear. There are endless possibilities for repurposing your baby’s crib, and thanks to Architecture Art Designs, we have some very cool ideas to share with you.  Imagine an outdoor or indoor porch swing, or a gift wrap/craft center, or a jewelry keeper, a floor or wall magazine holder, a wagon, a plate holder, a playhouse, a desk or even an outdoor picnic center!  The uses are endless.  Let us know if you’ve created anything useful from your old baby crib.

Porch Swing #3Source

Porch Swing #2Source

Gift Wrap Center #1Source

Jewelry Keeper #1Source

Magazine Holder #1Source

Magazine Holder #2Source

Wagon #1Source

Dish Holder #1Source

Playhouse #1Source

Crib Desk #1Source

Picnic Center #1Source



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