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Repurpose Rusty Springs Into DIY Christmas Craft


If you’re looking for a way to create a new Christmas decoration this year, pick up some old rusty industrial springs at the flea market this Fall.  Yes, I said rusty springs.  This is not something I would ever think to do, but Carlene over at Organized Clutter has me rethinking my urge to purge rusty anything!   Who knew industrial springs could be turned into the perfect holiday DIY. It is very ‘country chic’ and has a fun rustic feel.  Carlene even provided fabulous pictures to use as guides.

Repurposed Rusty Spring Tree

Materials Needed

assorted rusty old industrial springs
scrap boards
wood scraps
star shaped item
Heirloom White spray paint


I purchased 15 assorted rusty old industrial springs recently for a buck a piece. Two wood scraps joined the two boards. Two small holes were drilled at the end of each spring, and a wire was threaded through the holes and twisted tightly on the back with a pair of pliers. A 4th of July metal flower pick star was spray painted Heirloom White and attached to top of the spring tree.

Boards Secured Together




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