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Repurpose An Old Piano – From Bookcases To Bars!


From Old Piano to New Shelf

I began this project on accident… I was actively looking for a used piano to call my own, and we have this fantastic local website with used listings. I found a beautiful old piano for free, and was fully planning on restoring it to working order… I somehow got the beast home and upon closer inspection realized the soundboard (what the strings are attached to and where the sound resonates) was cracked in several places, and while the basic mechanics where all in tact, it wasn’t worth the time, effort and money it would take to restore it. Sooo…. I decided to use the keyboard and platform to make a shelf for my house!

To learn about this restoration visit Lindsay at CraftyLadyLindsay whose sister renovated this piano.

If you have ever renovated or even restored an old piano in your lifetime, we would love to see and hear about your ideas. Please comment below if you liked seeing these innovative restoration ideas.


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