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Repurpose An Old Piano – From Bookcases To Bars!


5 Insane Transitions From Broken Pianos to Purposeful Uses In The Home

We found 5 incredible ways to repurpose old, broken, non-playing pianos into something more useful. There are so many ideas out there that we could not possibly include them all, but we chose a few to highlight for you. In the event you have the will and tenacity that these DIYers did to create a conversation piece for your home, you’re going to love these. They are very clever, but fun, creative and innovative ideas you probably never would have thought of on your own. Read on to see some of the masterpieces that came out of piano graveyards.

From Old Piano to New Workbench


I’m a DIY’er at heart and have always had access to workspaces – both formal and informal. I’m also a university student and this spring I will be graduating after years of on again off again school. The problem with this, however, is that I will be moving into an apartment—-and away from the large and handy workshop that I have had access to at my parents house my whole life.

Fortunately for me, while helping build a garage storage loft, my friend told me he was getting rid of his ancient and far from musically sound upright piano. This piano has since taken the form of a hidden workbench that when not in use looks like a regular piano, but when the front is removed, it reveals a pleasant and useful space to work on various projects.

To learn about this restoration visit Phish814 at Instuctables who renovated this piano. To see piano #2 (a new bar), click on the link below.



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