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Pallet Wine Rack – One For The Wall

PalletWineRack7 copy 2

Wine Storage Decoration For Your Bar – Fabulous Wall Unit To Entice A Glass!

This is a great idea for the use of an old pallet that can be found outside a warehouse. The good news is, in this case, you don’t even need a full pallet, so if you find one that is at least 1/2 in tact, you have a great project ahead of you. This makes for a great addition to any wine room or bar area, especially if you need to decorate a wall or need storage for your wine bottles and glasses.

He took the bottom of the pallet and made a cut across the 3 beams.

PalletWineRack10image credit: wilsonsandpugs

He then took an extra board off of the pallet and added it to the back of the wine rack. He took a second extra board and attached it to the bottom of the rack to hold the wine bottles up.

PALLETWINERACKimage credits: wilsonsandpugs

He then went through and secured each attachment with wood screws. We sanded the wood with a very fine sandpaper then stained it with some leftover stain we had in the garage. We finished the wine rack with a few layers of polyurethane.

PalletWineRack9image credit: wilsonsandpugs

This particular wine rack was created by The Wilsons at wilsonandpugs. If you’re out of time, but REALLY like the wine rack, we think they can even make the rack for you, if you contact them directly through their Etsy store, SpoilMeVintage.

Other variations of the rack are interesting as well:


PalletWineRack18image credits: The Vineyards

Or a smaller version for a shorter wall:

PalletWineRack19image credit: The Vineyards

The possibilities are endless!


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