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Make An Outdoor Movie . . . Theater


Looking for some family fun in the evenings? Instead of setting up camp, set up a movie theater in the backyard! I found this excellent idea and can’t wait to share the details.

Invite friends, family or neighbors or just the kids! Don’t forget the snacks. After all, what’s a movie without popcorn and candy?

Let us know how your movie madness evening turned out!


How to Create an Outdoor Theater

Creating an outdoor theater is easy to do and a guaranteed fun time! Create the perfect theater scene with these set-up tips:

  • Popcorn Bar: Create individual, personalized bags of popcorn. Create nametag labels. Print and adhere to popcorn bowls for the ultimate personalized treat.
  • Movie Soundtracks: As the guests arrive, set the movie ambiance with your favorite movie soundtrack.
  • Picnic Blankets and Chairs: Switch up the typical theater layout of rows of chairs and go with the outdoor movie theater theme instead. Lie out picnic blankets, beach chairs and pillows and invite guests to get comfy and cozy while watching the flick.
  • Voting Cards: Instead of choosing the movie for the evening, give the audience what they want and let them decide as a group. Tally up the response and announce the winning flick!
  • Movie Screen: Set up a screen and a projector attached to a computer, or use extension cords to set your television outside.
  • Candy Snack Bags: Display popular movie candies on a table nearby. Hosts can even create individual candy bags and kits just like an actual movie theater.


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Note: Use Avery pre-designed templates to help you personalize and print your labels. Avery offers a variety of labels that can make your labeling needs fun and theme-related.


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