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In 5 Minutes With 10 Candles You Can Change The Look Of A Room!


Simple, Easy, Elegant, Versatile, and Inexpensive-To-Make Candle Craft Project!

Sometimes simple and elegant is the name of the game. It’s clean, it’s crisp, and a breath of fresh air for the Springtime. Honestly, this project doesn’t take much, and you can really show your personality with a little bit of creativity in how you place your candles in this mossy green simplistic tray of art. Using simple white candles of varying heights and widths and a DIY tray, this is an extremely versatile piece that can be used all year round, trading out the accent pieces for the time of the year.

WhiteCandlesimage credit: lemonademakinmama

Materials Needed

White Candles
Reindeer Moss (which can be found at Joann’s for $4.99)
Sheet Moss Preserved (Joann’s for $3.99)
4 – 1″ Square Felt Pads (Joann’s for $3.99)

 CandleInTray9image credit: lemonademakinmama

I bought a long four foot board from Lowe’s.  It was the perfect width.  I purchased three long strips of wood, also four foot long.  I nailed two of them to the sides and then cut the third one to fit into the end spaces.  Then I painted the whole thing a creamy “Navajo white” color (sherwin williams) and lined it with various sized candles that I’ve been purchasing over the past many months, from my grocery store.  Once dry, I used self adhesive felt pads on the underside to protect my table top.

CandleInTray5image credit: lemonademakinmama

This project is so simple that it doesn’t need much explaining.  I laid the candles in my tray and got them positioned how I wanted them.  Then I ripped all my sheet moss into pieces and tucked them all around, gently stretching and breaking them up a bit so that it didn’t look like one flat chunk.  Doing that gives it a lot more texture and helps the quantity stretch a bit further too which is great when you’re trying to be thrifty.  After the sheet moss was laid down, I started filling in gaps with the brighter green reindeer moss and arranging it in a pleasing pattern.  Then I was done.

CandleInTray4image credit: lemonademakinmama

This tray can be made for pennies on the dollar and can be any size that suits your specific needs. It can also be painted any color you want it, but the idea of a white tray is a great choice because you can take out the moss and replace it with Christmas greenery and decorations for the winter holiday or colorful leaves and nuts for the Fall, etc. There are so many creative ways you can rearrange items in the tray to suit your mood or the time of year.

We want to thank blogger Sasha over at LemonadeMakinMama for providing us with such a fabulous and versatile project that can be used for seasons and years to come. If you’ve ever made anything similar to this or have other ideas in relation to this, please share your ideas and creations with us below.


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