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How To Make A Pet Bed In 8 EASY Steps Without Even Using A Needle & Thread!


If You Don’t Know How To Sew, No Worries! Introducing the No-Sew Pet Bed!

We have to admit, our dogs really are our best friends. No matter what we do, they always want to be next to us. When we arrive back home, even if we’re gone only 5 minutes, there isn’t anyone more happy to see us. That being said, we want to treat them special, too, so you’re going to love this No-Sew Pet Bed. It’s so easy to make, too!  Don’t leave out your cats, even if they appear aloof. You know they love you just as much even if they just don’t always show it!


straight pins
a sharp fabric pen

2 yards of fleece fabric
a large elastic band

Step 1:  Make Pattern and Measure Fabric
Use craft paper, old wrapping paper or newspaper to create a 36” x 36” square. Fleece fabric is recommended because it’s super soft and won’t fringe when it’s cut so it will give you a finished edge. Fold the fabric in half or layer it so you’ll have two pieces. Secure the pattern to the fleece with straight pins and cut the fleece or trace the pattern on the fabric using a fabric pen.


Step 2:  Make It a Circle
Fold each square into fours – pretty-side in – and pin in place. With the fabric pen, draw a round shape on one square from one corner to the opposite corner. To do this, make a mark at about the 18-1/2” point and measure and mark from the middle on the edges of the fabric square. Draw a line connecting all three marks in an oval shape.


Step 3:  Cut Circle
Pin the four layers together and cut through all four pieces of fabric along the pen line. Repeat this step with the other piece of fabric and you’ll have two 27” diameter circles.

Step 4:  Measure and Mark Outer Edge
Draw a circle four inches from the edge of the fabric. Click here to see further instructions.

Step 5:  Cut Outer Edge Strips
Cut tabs 1″ wide by 4″ long (to the guide line you just drew).  Click here to see further instructions.


Step 6:  Make Center Pleat
Before tying the tabs, make a cool pleated detail in the middle. Click here to see further instructions.


Step 7:  Start Tying
Tie the tabs into a double knot all the way around the dog bed. Click here to see further instructions.

Step 8:  Stuff Bed and Tie Final Knots
Leave a 10” opening to stuff the bed with cotton batting or old sheets, pillows or clothes. Click here to see further instructions.

This fabulous No Sew Dog Bed was shared by the DIY Network focusing on DIY projects at home.

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