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How To Decorate Almost Anything For Less Than $2.00


It’s So Simple, You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Think Of It Long Before Now!

This little wonder has to make any DIYer ecstatic. With so many options and so many ideas, one has to wonder what can’t be decorated with this small, inexpensive product. The possibilities are endless, and we share only a handful of them for you here, but you’ll want to skim through all of it to catch the BONUS VIDEO we’ve provided within!

What is Washi Tape Anyway?

“Washi” actually comes from “wa” which is Japanese and “shi” meaning paper. So, it is Japanese paper tape (that is now made everywhere). And that is exactly what it feels like. It’s got an adhesive quality to it, but to me doesn’t feel as sticky as other tapes – which I like. It still adheres to craft surfaces well and you can put acrylic mediums on top of it.  Source

what-is-washi-tapeimage credit: washitapecrafts

The best way we can describe washi tape is that it feels like masking tape — very, very pretty masking tape. It’s made of paper, but is not as delicate as you would expect. Plus, it comes in patterns and designs that will make even the most dedicated crafters swoon and varying widths to allow you to create some fun and intricate washi tape designs.  Source

Soda Bottles Wrapped in Scrap Paper Adorned With Washi Tape

Washi-Soda-Bottlesimage credit: decor8

Pale peach and orange flowers are some of my favorites and this time I decorated some of my plain soda bottles with some scrap paper and twine to use for a little party.

Brought to you by Holly Becker, wife, mother and blogger of Decor8.

Patterned Washi-Tape Clothespins

Washi-tape-clothespinsimage credit:  iheartnaptime

These are such an easy way to dress them up. I found a whole bag at the dollar store and made a bunch of them. All I did was lay the clothespin on the tape and then cut off the excess tape with an exacto knife.

For full tutorial, see iheartnaptime where owner and founder of this blog, Jamielyn, “who aspires to reach women, get their creative juices flowing, and to genuinely inspire,” shows you how!

Mini Wood Pallet DIY Washi-Tape Coasters

Mini-Pallet-Coastersimage credit: washitapecrafts

Today I’m showing you how I turned craft sticks into a small replicas of wood pallets. And after I embellished them with fun patterned washi tape, they turned into the cutest DIY coasters ever!

See Blogger Amy’s fabulous tutorial over at Washi Tape Crafts.  Amy is a full time blogger who loves polka dots and stripes!



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