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How Building Your Own Smokehouse Can Satisfy A Smoker’s Dream


Produce Super Tender, Rich Smoky-Flavored Meat In Your Very Own DIY Smokehouse

Now there are smokers and then there are smokehouses! You’ve seen the smokers that look like round black barrels welded on top of a stand with a small flue pipe coming off of it (see below), but what if you could build your own smokehouse, yes house, to really cook up a storm?  We have the perfect DIYer’s dream in store for you.

smoker49image credit: All Things Barbecue

You’re smokehouse will be built 2-3 cinder blocks high (first level of blocks can be 1/2 blocks) equipped with a vent stack built above it. The smokehouse will have a front-latched door that opens up to the “house” where you can shelf or hang your meats. You’ll have a “hot box” (fire box) that comes off the side of that with a flue pipe going from the door of the fire box into the bottom of the smoke pit to bring in your smoke. Above the hot box, you’ll build a covered “patio” or roofed pocket off the smokehouse to store your hickory to keep it dry! It’s fabulous!

smoker37image credit: actnick of SmokingMeatForum

After you scan through all the images, be sure to catch the incredible video series on the last page of this post to see a tutorial of how it is all done by a craftsman in action!

Step 1: Lay Out A Pad Space

To build a smokehouse that will be around forever, your most important step is going to be your foundation. The last thing you want is bugs in your meat, and a strong foundation will prevent that from happening so you want to build it right.  From back to front, you can figure on a space approximately 7′ long in general.  Of course, you can build whatever size you want. The first thing you are going to want to do is to lay out a pad space similar to that pictured below:

smoker1image credit: shrekASTAC

Step 2:  Mix Concrete, Pour & Level Foundation

Mix your concrete:


Pour mixed concrete into pad:


Smooth and level the concrete pad:


Step 3:  Set Bottom Level of 1/2 Cinder Blocks

Add 1/2 cinder blocks to your concrete pad:


Square (image 1) and level (image 2) your first set of 1/2-stack cinder blocks:

smoker33image 1

smoker34image 2

Your finished 1st level should look like this:





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