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From Drab To Fab – The $500 Kitchen Makeover


The Countertop – I didn’t have the budget for a new counter top, but I was NOT about to continue living with the old one, so I decided to try out Rustoleum’s Counter Top Coating (that’s the $40 tint-base, not the more expensive kit). For a full review of the product and tips for application, follow the link to the post on my blog. Bottom line: I’d recommend it as a cheap, short-term solution to an ugly counter top. Cost for kit and tools: $60

*Yes, as you may have noticed, I also had hardwood installed on my floor. This of course bumps the budget up way past $500, but I wanted to focus on the big impact made by the smaller improvements that anyone can do on a tight budget.

Go To Alex’s Blog For More Details On How He Did It!


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