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From Drab To Fab – The $500 Kitchen Makeover


kitchen-before-and-afterWhen you have a kitchen that really doesn’t fit your fancy you are constantly looking at ways to improve the look and feel.  You start your research on Pinterest or other places trying to find that right design that fits your kitchen layout.  When you finally figure out something you like you tend to realize the costs that will go into the project let alone the time and energy.

This little write up is all about the “Drab To Fab” Kitchen Makeover On A $500 Budget!  The cover all the important pieces and show you a way to make it happen within the budget.  One thing they did fail to mention was the floors were not part of the $500 so BOOO!  But overall to redo the rest at that price is a pretty good deal!

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I’ve wanted to redo my kitchen since I bought the house five years ago. It was old, dingy, and dark, and I wanted it to look new, clean, and bright. I didn’t have a big budget, so I chose improvements that would make the most impact and also be the most affordable (and that I could do myself!): painted cabinets, new back splash, new hardware, and painted (yes painted!) counter top. 
How Did He Do All Of That For $500?  See The Details On The Following Pages:

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