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Easy DIY Project To Make Your Garden Magical With Repurposed Golf Balls!


With All Those Stray Golf Balls Brought Home From the Golf Course, Create A Magical Garden!

Every once in awhile I set aside things for garage sales or charities and, recently, I had a big box of golf balls sitting in my pile. A garage sale guru friend of mine said that they would never sell in a garage sale. “Really?” I exclaimed, much to my dismay. They’re perfectly good golf balls. They’re brand new! Why wouldn’t someone want them?

LadyBug6image credit: artdrops

Okay, so those pictured above aren’t quite as nice as my virgin set, but who doesn’t have old golf balls sitting around if there is a golfer in the family? They just seem to show up in places you least expect, but what if they were in your garden? Sounds strange, huh? Well, check out the cool garden collection on the next page!

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