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Dual Purpose More Than Just A Backyard Deck – Coolest DIY Project Ever!


Round Up The Children and Encourage Them to Dream Big – Sand Castles That Is!

Remember the days of playing in the sand? Did you have your own sandbox when you were old enough to sit up and build sand castles and shovel the sand not only all over yourself but all over the “place?” Well, there are sandboxes and then there are sandboxes! I’ve never seen anything like it, but I LOVE this one [and the next one featured – WOW!].  I’ll bet you’re wondering, “Where’s the sand?”

KidSandbox2image credit:

First things first. Check it out. What you see here is actually the cover to the sandbox! Thus, the sand is inside! So how does this work? Well, it gets even more exciting.

See the highest 2×4 on the right-hand side? That’s actually a handle! When you lift up on the handle, it opens to the sandbox. Then that 2×4 serves as the lift elevation to make an adjacent deck to the sandbox!

But where’s the sand? What does it look like when you open it?




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