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Dual Purpose More Than Just A Backyard Deck – Coolest DIY Project Ever!


This Is Where The Going Gets FUN!

For me, putting it all together after getting the measuring, cutting and painting out of the way is when it really gets exciting. Seeing it all come together.


Step 3: Assembling the box

For this step you’ll need 4 of the 5 foot lengths, all 4 of the 8 foot lengths, the 11 inch 2x4s, and some 2.5 inch screws.

On a flat surface, stand up one of the 8 foot lengths on it’s edge. Place one of the 5 foot lengths at the end so that your screw will go through the five foot length into the end of the 8 foot length. Drill two guide holes with the 1/8 inch bit.

Then use 2 screws to secure the boards. Repeat this process on each of the corners. Repeat the steps by assembling the second layer of the box on top of the first.

Secure Two Layers Together

Obviously, you want the main foundation of your sandbox to be safe and sturdy, so you will secure the corners of the box using your 11″ 2×4’s.


I went around clockwise. So in corner 1, the flat side of the 2×4 goes against the 5 footer; in corner 2 the flat side goes against the 8 footer; in corner 3 the flat side goes back against the other 5 footer, and in corner 4 the flat side goes against the other 8 footer.

Drill guide holes from the outside of the box with the 1/8″ bit and add 4 screws in each flat side and 2 in each short side of the 2×4.




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