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Dual Purpose More Than Just A Backyard Deck – Coolest DIY Project Ever!


Cutting and Painting

Continue to cut all your pieces before you begin and then paint all sides of your wood pieces with the deckover. It dries quickly, but once all painted, let dry for 2 days.

You can cut two of the 2×4’s at the same time with the saw. This assures the pieces are the same length and saves you some cuts, so carefully stack two 2×4’s on the saw and cut the following:

4 lengths of 30 inches (so measure 30″, chop, repeat, should give you 4 from the stacked boards). You’ll use these to support the back of the bench.

4 lengths of 14.5 inches (so measure 14.5″, chop, repeat should give you 4). You’ll use these as “armrests” on the bench.

Using the third 2×4, cut four 11 inch pieces. You’ll use these as corner supports.

KidSandbox13image credit: Utah’s Adventure Family

Now that we have all the necessities out of the way, here is where the real fun begins! The assembly of your sandbox! Or is it your next dream beach vacation? For some of us, it’s the closest we’ll get!




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