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Dual Purpose More Than Just A Backyard Deck – Coolest DIY Project Ever!


Tools and Materials Needed to Make the Elite DIY Sandbox

This is where the fun begins . . . putting it all together. Gather up your tools, wood, and hardware and let the games begin. Ready, set, go!

KidSandbox12image credit: Utah’s Adventure Family

Tools you’ll need:

A “chop” saw or miter saw
A power drill with 1/8″ bit and Phillips head bit

Wood you’ll need:
11: 2×6 boards that are 10 feet long
4: 2×6 boards that are 8 feet long
4: 2×4 boards that are 8 feet long (see comments below. I was able to use some scraps I had laying around)

Hardware you’ll need:
4: 4 inch T-hinges (pictured below)
4: 11 inch regular hinges (pictured below)
125 (or so): 2.5 inch wood screws
20 (or so): 1 inch wood screws if your hinges don’t come with screws
4: handles
1-2: gallons of Deckover or other exterior wood paint

Total time I spent on the project including painting, cutting, and assembly: 8 hours

Total cost: about $200

Step 1: Cutting

The cutting on this project is simple.

Take all 11 of your 10 foot 2×6’s and cut them in half with the miter saw giving you 22 2×6 that are 5 feet long. This is the width of the sandbox. Leave the four 8 footers alone, that’s the length of the box.




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