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Dual Purpose More Than Just A Backyard Deck – Coolest DIY Project Ever!


Elite DIY Sandbox

Nothing says “play station” like this sandbox! As a matter of fact, it is truly interactive. So much so that you can’t be afraid to feel sand between your toes. I believe this configuration could even serve as the closest thing to a day at the beach! Grab a cool drink, put your feet in the sand, relax . . . and, oh yeah . . . be sure to keep an eye on the kiddos! But how? Well, pull up on the handles below to find out!


The great thing about the design for this sandbox is that the lid also serves as a bench. So when the sandbox is closed, it is closed tightly. When you open the lid on the new sandbox, it folds back into a bench on either side, sturdy enough for Mom and Dad to sit on.


Open! Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Parents, isn’t it much easier for us old folks to sit on the sidelines, but still be able to be hands-on? It couldn’t get more perfect than this!

Close! This is what it looks like closed (before the pull handles were added), but now how can you make one yourself?


The sandbox was easy, fairly cheap, and the end product is really cool.




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