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Double The Purpose, Double The Fun – Dual Purpose Your Patio Floor!


Scrabble Anyone? Let’s Play Outside On The Patio . . . Floor!

It’s not every day you walk outside to someone’s patio and find that it doubles as a Scrabble game board. Sacrament architect Kristy McAuliffe not only doubled the use of her patio, but she did it with double-word scores with the help of her friend Keith Rogers. This would make for great fun for either adults or teenagers at a backyard barbecue, and you could play well into the night enjoying loads of laughs. Not only that, you can make it yourself.

backyard-scrabbleimage credit: E. Spencer Toy

Here’s How:

Step 1 – Make a 5 foot square wood frame .

Step 2 – Pour concrete.

Step 3 – Score the concrete into 3-3/4″ squares separed by 1/4″ joints.

Step 4 – After the concrete cures for one month, color the squares using water-based concrete stains of different colors.

backyard-scrabble1image credit: Wikipedia

McAuliffe then made 100 3¼-inch square letter tiles from baseboard trim.

She found precut, adhesive-backed vinyl letters and numbers at a sign shop, stuck them on the tiles, and sealed each one with spray lacquer.

The lightweight letters, which are stored in a canvas bag, fit on metal trays made by McAuliffe’s friend, metal artist Crystal Weber.

Special thanks to Peter O. Whiteley over at Sunset for sharing this idea.


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