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Do You Have Empty Bottles? Upcycle Them With These DIY Projects


These Are Not The Usual Bottle DIY Projects, We Put Together Something Unique!

There are all sorts of projects out there to take a used bottle or empty bottle and turn it into something fantastic.  From cutting the bottles to wrapping them up with decorative paper we’ve see it.

Here are a few things you might not have seen before:

Let’s Start With Tiki Torch Booze or Alcohol Bottles!

Just add a simple wick and some citronella tiki torch fluid and you are set!


You can find the these on here!

Upcycle Bottles2



The Lantern Wine Bottle On A Chain!

This is cool, adds just the right amount of ambience to the room and will be fun to have on those summer evenings.  It’s a conversation starter and with the right bottle it will be durable and easy to make.

Check Out More Here



Need A New Soap Dispenser? The Wine Bottle To Soap Dispenser Upcycle DIY Project is pretty cool.  This will even show you how to etch the side of the bottle for an even fancier look.

Cool Wine Bottle To Soap Dispenser DIY Project!



Check Out The Beer Bottle Projects On The Next Page Below!


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