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DIY Simple To Make Valentine’s Day Candy-Filled Bottles


Valentine’s Day Candy-Filled Bottles Adorned with DIY Heart Arrows

If you are looking for an easy, quick way to make a cute Valentine’s Day gift, these candy-filled soda bottles in a bottle carrier are really great! That make innovative gifts for your children’s school friends or even a fun centerpiece for a Valentine’s Day party. The pretty colors of the candy and the festive labels really pull it all together. This is a definite must for this Valentine’s Day. What do you think?



Bottled Candy Supplies:

• Recycled soda bottles (with twist-off caps).
• Bottle labels in Valentine’s Day colors
• Your favorite Valentine candy (small enough to fit through the mouth of the bottle).
• Bottle carrier for easy transport (optional)

Step 1: Soak off the store bought labels from the bottles. Wash with soap and water, and set aside to dry completely.

Step 2: Once your bottles are dry, fill them up with candy. You can make your own funnel out of paper or drop them in by hand. Once full, twist the cap back onto each bottle.

Step 3: Decorate your labels with personalized bottle labels in pink and red colors.

For Directions on how to make the Heart Arrow, click on link below.



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