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DIY Necklace Holder – Turn A Piece of Driftwood Into Home Decor In 4 Easy Steps


Untangle All Those Necklaces And Create A Masterpiece Of Beauty

Every time I go to put on a necklace, I find myself untangling several of them for minutes on end before I can even grab one and go! It is by all means frustrating. If you are like me, you feel the same way. I found a great solution to the problem! Sure, you could take a 2×4 and cut it down to size, but check out this wonderful piece of driftwood that would look so unique hanging on the wall. Find some antique or different shaped dresser drawer knobs and you have yourself a necklace hanger!


4 Easy Steps To A New Conversation Piece

Step 1:  You will need a flat board to attach your knobs unto.  For my board I’m using a piece of driftwood that I found at the beach. I got my knobs from our local habitat for humanity store for less than $1.00.

Step 2:  Measure and drill the holes for your knobs.
Step 3:  Attach your knobs to the board using the already drilled holes.
Step 4:  Attach the finished project to the wall and hang your necklaces!

For more helpful information, visit Erin, a Connecticut transplant from Wisconsin who loves DIY projects and inspired this awesome necklace holder, at Visibly Moved.


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