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Change A Room With Pop of Color


Sometimes you just need a little change. Perhaps just a small pop of color in a room that suddenly feels boring and bland. Why not add some colorful fabric to your windows to feel like you’ve created a brand new comfy room in the house?

I found this simple DIY window panel sewing project at Shanty Chic and just had to share. I can think of no better inexpensive way to bring new life into a room. Be sure to share your finished project with us so we can see your idea of fabulous!


Cut both your drapery fabric and your liner 3.5″ longer than the length you want it. I also cut my liner so that my drapery fabric was 2″ wider than the liner. Fold your hem on each piece up 3″ and iron to keep it in place.

Put a straight stitch on all 4 pieces.

Join 1 drapery piece and 1 liner together good sides facing each other.  Make sure your hems are on the same end.  Now run a straight stitch down each side.

Run a straight stitch along the top of both pieces.  This will be the opposite end of your hems you did earlier. Flip it right side out.  Iron your edges down for a clean look. Because you made your drapery fabric slightly wider than your liner, your edges should look a bit like this from the back.

Here they are all finished!




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