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Backyard DIY Fire Pits – Keeping The Fire Lit At Home


What could be better than sitting around an outdoor fireplace with family and friends?

Whether the fireplace is meant for barbecuing or gathering around, it all leads back to feeling cozy at home.

Either way, something about these fireplaces makes me want to pull up a chair and sing, “Kumbaya!”

18 Terrific Outdoor Fire Pits


One of the easiest ways to make your home warm and welcoming is by adding a fire pit. Outdoor fires are cozy, warm, intimate and inviting, and even practical, in any season. The simplest ones are easy to build at home. Have fun picking which one will look best in your yard.

It is a little known fact that you can make your own fire pit bowl to sit around on nice summer evenings. With a few materials and some space, you can design a fire pit bowl that will decorate your backyard while providing a nice place for a crackling fire.

Add a little warmth and extra style to a freestanding firepit with an easy-to-make surround.

An outdoor fireplace can give a landscape added warmth and beauty to enhance any outdoor space.

Add fireside ambiance to your backyard with an outdoor fireplace made with stacked stone.

Rock + Bowl + Flame. This is a project for busy gals!

This is an easy and inexpensive personal portable fire pit for a more intimate one-on-one setting.

And then there’s always the ‘ole grocery cart fire pit! Hey, whatever works, right?



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