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Artful Answers to Jewelry Clutter


Where do I put it all? How can I find it? Where are the matching earrings to that bracelet? Just a sec while I spend the next 30 minutes untangling this necklace.

Jewelry boxes just ain’t what they used to be. Women have far too much jewelry these days to store it all in a little box that fits on top of the dresser. The answer?

Artful displays of colorful gems to brighten any closet or bare wall! Here are just a few ideas for your precious collection of baubles and sparklers.

Be sure to share with us your jewelry de-clutter techniques.

Necklace/Jewelry Organizer

I made a two-tier shelf to hang all of those necklaces to keep them from tangling and for easy access.

Here’s how:

John found a few pieces of wood trim and cut them to 40-inch lengths and nailed them together.

This simple design provided two levels to hang many necklaces in a small space and still keep them separated. A little sanding a couple coats of primer and paint and it is ready to add hooks.

I found large white upholstery tacks and nailed them about an inch apart across most of the shelf and a little further apart at the opposite end for wider bracelets.  My board used exactly 100 tacks (4 boxes of 25).


I intended to hang this on a wall in my walk-in closet but thought it pretty enough to display in my dressing area with my necklaces right at my fingertips.


Necklace Organizer/Display

I used to have all my jewelry crammed into a box, and the necklaces were forever getting tangled together, broken, and buried until I forgot about their existence all together.  A genius idea (if I do say so myself), a towel bar, and some shower curtain rings later, I have this:

It’s awesome, because not only is it super easy to pick out the necklaces I want to wear, but it looks really cute and bright, and never will a necklace tangle again.  And if you get more necklaces, buy a few more shower curtain rings!  I have a million necklaces on there, and it’s not overcrowded yet.



Repurpose Bathroom Hardware to Create a DIY Jewelry Rack

Repurpose bathroom hardware to create a DIY jewelry rack

If you’re like me then you hate it when your necklaces get tangled and you can’t find the accessories that you want! I really wanted to have my favorite items visible so I came up with the idea of using bathroom hardware to hang up my necklaces and bracelets.

What You Need:

  • Towel Rack
  • S-rings (to hold the necklaces)
  • Toilet paper holders
  • Closet-maid baskets with attachment bracket.

A towel rack and hooks make a handy way to hang up necklaces and store your bracelets without them getting tangled up in a jewelry box.


Clipboards are a Stylish, Artful Way to Display Your Coolest Statement Necklaces.

Clipboards are a stylish, artful way to display your coolest statement necklaces.

Clipboards are simple to hang and easy to change for jewelry displays. The clipboards can be covered with cloth — in this case loose burlap — or contact paper, wrapping paper or scrapbook pages. Clipboards come in several sizes and the plain ones are quite inexpensive. The display as shown costs less than $20. Clear colored acrylic or pre-printed clipboards are available at a bit more cost.


If You’ve Got Wall Space in Your Closet, Utilize It.

If you've got wall space in your closet, utilize it.

I bought a picture frame from Michael’s and the mesh material used in screen doors from Home Depot. I cut piece of mesh large enough to fit inside the frame and hot glued the edges and let it dry for a few hours and I fasted loose edge with thumb tacks. (you can use a staple gun if you have one) Thats it!


Jewelry Organization

Because I’m a fan of all things big and obnoxious when it comes to accessories jewelry boxes wouldn’t work, pocket organizers weren’t big enough, and the necklace trees were too flimsy. Atlas I came up with my own version:


I took a regular cork board and covered it with this cute fabric scrap and painted the frame.


Then for hanging my earrings I put ribbon in rows attached with push pins.  Now my earrings don’t tangle and I can easily survey my options.


For my necklaces I put cup hooks along the bottom of the board.


Now my long chains are crinkle-free!


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