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All The Glitter & Glam For A Special Occasion – DIY Decoration

Styrofoam Balls

Glittery Sparkler New Year’s Eve Party Decoration

Impress your New Year’s Eve party guests with this DIY sparkler decoration that you can hang above your dining table, in your bar, or just on a tabletop. They’re a FABULOUS addition to enhance your celebration! If you’re going with the gold theme this New Year’s Eve, this is a simple DIY project that will add a sparkly touch to the glamour of your evening.  You can make several of these to really dress up your party environment and keep your guests amazed at your decorating talents.  Let us know what your guests think after they see your glorious wonders!

Styrofoam Balls Image Source

Materials Needed:

1-1/2 to 2″ White Styrofoam Balls found at any craft store.
Square Toothpicks found at Staples.
Krylon Glitter Blast Golden Glow Spray Paint found at Amazon for Styrofoam Balls.
Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint found at Amazon for Toothpicks.


1.  Cover your work surface completely.

2.  Spray paint your Styrofoam Balls with Krylon Glitter Blast Gold Glow Spray Paint holding your can 12-18″ away from the ball as the force of air will make an indentation in the Styrofoam.

3.  Spray paint your Toothpicks with Rust-Oleum Metallic Gold Spray Paint.

4.  Wait for paint to dry.

5.  Push a generous number of toothpicks into your Styrofoam Balls until you have your desired look.

Thanks to Cyd Converse, Founder of The Sweetest Occasion for the inspiration.


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