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[VIDEOS] DIY Floating Bookshelf – Defy The Impossible in 4 Different Ways


The video below shows you how to install a floating shelf with only 1 bracket and 1 velco circle per floating shelf inspired by Irene Suhwon. Below this video is a 3rd option for making an invisible shelf, and you won’t belief how it’s done.  It’s so simple, you’ll wonder why you hadn’t thought of it.

3. A Floating Shelf Using 2 Corner Braces & 1 Paper Clip!


Step 1:  Attach 2 corner braces an appropriate distance apart on the wall using anchors and long screws.

Step 2:  Take the back cover and about the last 10 pages of the bottom book and paper clip them together.

Step 3:  Separate the pages from the back cover on each end of the book as shown in the 1st image above.

Step 4:  Slide the book onto the brackets centering the paper clip between the two brackets and placing the brackets in between the pages on either side of the paper clip and the back cover.

Step 5:  Stack other books on top of the bottom one until it covers the bracket attached to the wall.

To see a video of this type installation, click the link below:



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