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[VIDEOS] DIY Floating Bookshelf – Defy The Impossible in 4 Different Ways


FloatingBookshelf2image source: Koloce Bebeko

The video below will show you step-by-step instructions of the installation shown on the previous page and in the images above. After the video, we show you another option for a floating shelf if you prefer not to use this particular hardware.

2. A Floating Shelf Using 1 Corner Brace & 1 Velcro Circle Per Floating Shelf!


Materials Needed:

  • 5″ corner brace (or bigger brace for bigger books)
  • 5/6″ (1.5 cm) round velcro circles (1 for each floating shelf)
  • 4 large wood screws
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Books


Step 1:  Apply 1 sticky side of velcro to the backside of the corner brace in the middle possible covering the middle hole if there is one (see images below).

Step 2:  Velcro the corresponding circle to the velcro you just stuck on the corner brace.


Step 3:  Center the corner brace facing down inside the back cover of the largest book pressing the cover down over the brace so that the sticky sides of the velcro stick to the back cover and the last page of the book you choose for the bottom of the shelf (see images 1 & 2 below).

Step 4:  Repeat with another book if you want another shelf. Another way to apply the brace is to put the back cover on a flat surface, open the rest of the book to the inside back cover, insert the brace facing up sticking the velcro to the back cover, then closing the book on top of the sticky side of the opposite velcro circle (see image 3 below).


Step 5:  Place a screw in the top and bottom holes of the corner brace that will attach to the wall.

Step 6:  With a Phillips screwdriver, screw the screws into the wall (using anchors if necessary).

Step 7:  Velcro the book into place on the leg of the corner brace sticking out from the wall.

Step 8:  Stack the other books on top of the bottom book until it covers the brace screwed into the wall.


Step 9:  Repeat for another shelf as shown below.


To see a video tutorial of this installation, click the link below:



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