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[VIDEOS] 15 Ways To Re-Design A T-Shirt – Awesome Creations Sure To Amaze You


Square (Checkered) Cut-Outs and Other Variations of the Same T-Shirt

You’re in for a treat!  Salina shows you different variations of things you can do with a T-shirt, including cutting and tying the sides together and wearing it long or short, making a tank out of a T-shirt, making capped sleeves on the T-shirt and creating a tie-back . . . all out of the same T-shirt!  All this in addition to the checkered shoulder technique!


To see how Salina accomplishes all this AND creates the square cut-outs, watch the video below.

We want to thank Salina for her creative and imaginative contributions to the word of transforming T-shirt into a whole new wardrobe.  She demonstrations that these are fun and easy projects anyone can do.  Salina is a “blogger and social media marketer.” From the source herself:

I’m addicted to shopping and in love with fashion, beauty and life. In my free time, I cut up t-shirts to make them more awesome.

Aside from her own website, Salina also has tutorials at Cut Out + Keep.  She also has videos on her YouTube channel called Salinabear and her blog is filled with ideas as well. Thus, if you are ever lacking for ideas, you can check her out in various places to see what else she has to offer.

We were actually able to find other creative T-shirt masterpieces from other bloggers and T-shirt transformation wizards, and you’ll definitely want to check them out, too!

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