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[VIDEOS] 15 Ways To Re-Design A T-Shirt – Awesome Creations Sure To Amaze You


Braided Neckline Technique

This one is really nice because it gives dimension to your T-shirt as the newly created design stands up off the top front of the T-shirt. Again, this is a technique you can use on a T-shirt to dress it up a little bit and be able to wear it when you’re not sure whether you should dress up or dress down. The best part is, you’ll still be comfortable even if it is a dressier occasion!

Check out the video below for instructions on how to create this design:

We just can’t get enough of Salina. She is so creative and has such phenomenal ideas on how to alter a T-shirt.  Have you ever seen square or “checkered” cut-outs on the shoulder:


For Square Cut-Outs on the Shoulder Tuturial – Click on Page 9!


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