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[VIDEOS] 15 Ways To Re-Design A T-Shirt – Awesome Creations Sure To Amaze You


Video of Weave Technique

We all know, sometimes it’s easier to “see” how something is done rather than “read” how something is done, so we wanted to provide you with a video tutorial of the weave technique. Salina Siu shows you how!

Check out this video to see how she does it – not one type of weave, but two!

To see the rest of the written tutorial by Salina, click here or watch the entire tutorial on the video below:

We showed you a bunch of the basic steps, and now that you are a little more familiar with how to work with the fabric, we want to show you another variation of the techniques you’ve just learned.


To See Awesome Variation of Previous Techniques – Click on Page 6!


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