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[VIDEOS] 15 Ways To Re-Design A T-Shirt – Awesome Creations Sure To Amaze You


Put a Weave in Your T-Shirt With This Technique!

Salina Siu is a master at cutting up T-Shirts and creating new fun designs to transition from the old to the new. She shows you how to cut out the top of your T-Shirt and weave it to make the design you saw on the previous page.

Step 1: Preparing the Neckline

Decide how you’d like to cut the neck off – Follow the original seam so your cut will be even. Cut 1in wider than the original neckline for a roundneck. Cut 1.5-2in wider than original neckline for a wide, boatneck or off the shoulder neckline. Do not cut more than that because when you stretch the fabric it becomes much larger than you expect.


Step 2: Decide The Depth of Your “V”

Fold the shirt in half in the front of the shirt. Match up the shoulder seams so it is even. Then decide the shape of the “V” that you want. The wider, or deeper the V, the sexier and more revealing the shirt. Place a rule to outline where you’ll be cutting.


Step 3: Cut Out The Strips

Cut thin strips – about a finger width all the way down. Careful not to cut too low (Don’t make the last snip too narrow) or you’ll have a hard time tying a knot [later].


Step 4: Stretch Fabric

Stretch out the fabric to roll edges. Gives it a cleaner look. Hides any imperfections from cutting. Take each strip that you cut and pull it out so it turns into a thin and even strip.


Step 5: Weave Your Design


To See A Video Tutorial On The Weave Technique – Click on Page 5!


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