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[VIDEOS] 15 Ways To Re-Design A T-Shirt – Awesome Creations Sure To Amaze You


Variations of T-Shirt Designs

You almost just can’t go wrong with a T-Shirt and a pair of scissors. No doubt you’ve even come up with your own designs if you’ve had these two objects in your hands at the same time! There are so many different variations of re-designed t-shirts. The possibilities are endless. We wish we could include them all, but here are 5 more interesting picks for you to indulge. Hopefully, you’ll try them out.

Be sure to share your favorites with friends and let us know your picks!

DIY Cut-Out Neckline Tee


See tutorial by Jenna C. over at Cut Out + Keep.

DIY Racerback Workout Shirt


See tutorial by Cassey Ho over at Blogilates.

DIY Geometric Cut-Out Tee


 2nd Funniest Thing.

Cross Cut-Out T-Shirt


See tutorial by Hailey over at The Daile Lele

Super Luxury Balenciaga Crop Top


Back and Side Views


See tutorial by Antoinet over at Follow Fashion.

As mentioned earlier, these are just a few of the designs we found, but we know there are so many more. If you have ever re-designed a t-shirt, please share it with us.

Remember to share these cool designs with your friends. We want to see you come back with variations of what is featured here or new designs of your own!


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