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[Video] Create Your Own Cutting Board In Under 20 Minutes & Under $25


Cutting It Down To Size

We didn’t think it could be done, but a stopwatch put it to the test – must watch video below. It doesn’t include glue and dry time, but still an incredible feat. The amazing thing is seeing how a cutting board is put together. It’s so interesting and the results are stunning. Granted, you may not have all the power tools used in this version, but if you could find a friend who does, this would be a masterpiece to enhance your kitchen on every level!


For under $25, you can gather your materials (walnut and maple scrap wood), some basic tools from your shop and a friend with a table saw (if you don’t have your own and make a cutting board that will make you proud and your guests envious!


Three pieces of wood measured to size and a little bit of clever cutting for some flare and what a beautiful masterpiece.  Drunken Woodworker, David Picciuto,  it going on!


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