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Indoor Dispenser Wall Unit

Here is another rotating can dispenser that can be hung on your wall inside your home, kitchen, utility room or a place that is more exposed. It’s another great option.

CanDispenser23image source: wilkerdos

Looking at all the different designs of the can rack rotators out there, I actually liked the horizontal orientation ones better but I only had one potential spot to hang this and the spot would be best utilized by the vertical design. So forward I went.


1) I measured the wall space I had the rack planned for, and cut the back. In the photo, it looks like they use 3/4 MDF. I still had that 1/2 plywood I purchased for $0.51 a sheet, so I decided to use that.

2) Next I took some cans my family uses the most of and laid them out on the board to see which combination would allow for the most rows. It turned out that for my 28 inch wide board three condiment can rows (corn, green beans, etc.) and two soup can rows would be the best use of the space. I cut dividers making sure to leave enough room for one can to be exposed at all time there at the bottom, then glued and nailed them on the back piece.

CanDispenser22image source: wilkerdos

3) Next I wanted to cut and attach the footer. In order to get the correct depth, I measured the cans diameter and multiplied it by two. Or, you could just lay two cans side by side. Either way, you want one can exposed and one can back between the dividers.

4) It was wedge making time! I was able to find two wedges in my scrap pile from last time, so I only needed one more. Since I have a working table saw now, it turned out to be as simple as turning the blade at a 45 degree angle and pushing a 2×4 through. I nailed them in place and called it great.
Total Time: 4 hours | Total Cost: $0.51 (since I used my cull sheet plywood)

To learn how to make the face pieces and footers, check out both of the following tutorials provided by wilkerdos: 5 shoot dispenser and 3 shoot dispenser.

For those of you who prefer to purchase plans, you can do so here.

CanDispenser28image credit: canracks

If you have any other variations of these rotating can dispensers, we would love to see them and feature them on our website. Please comment below and SHARE this post with your friends to see if they can provide even more inspiration.



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