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[VIDEO] 3 Fun & Simple DIY Projects For St. Patrick’s Day Festivities!


Shamrock Banner

The creator of this project refers to this craft as a “banner,” otherwise called a “garland.” This might be fun for a church or school project where you have to write people’s names on the garland to identify kids in the classroom or as a church “giving garland.” Below you will find a picture tutorial or you can scroll through to the last page to see a VIDEO TUTORIAL!



  • Small Shamrock (downloadable online here)
  • Ribbon
  • Colored Paper (can use paint color swatches)
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie
  • Hole Punch
  • Tacks


Step 1:  With your scissors, cut out the shamrock and place it on top of a paint color swatch to see how it fits. Once you know the placement of the shamrock, turn the paint color swatch over and trace the shamrock.


Step 2:  Trace as many of the shamrocks on your color paper as possible (in this case there is room for 2) and then cut them out.


Step 3:  Continue tracing and cutting as many shamrocks as you want to hang on your banner. When you are through cutting them all, punch a hole in the top of each shamrock.


Step4:  After you are through cutting holes in all of the shamrocks, place them all out in a row as to how you want to hang them on your banner. You will want to know how long to cut your ribbon OR you can wait until you’ve thread them through and then cut the ribbon.


Step 5:  Take your ribbon and cut it your desired length OR begin threading all the shamrocks on to your ribbon and then cut it when you are done threading.


Step 6:  Tack up your banner where you intend to hang it and then straighten out all the shamrocks so they are evenly spaced. Below is how it will look when it is done!


For the complete VIDEO TUTORIAL of these 3 projects, please click on the link below!



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